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Weekly tutorial
Tutorial Name: Vibrant Tones
Tutorial Author: Pixel Digest
Weekly tutorial

Tutorial Name: HD2 Wallpapers
Tutorial Author: Trick Digest

Latest 10 Tutorials
Galaxy S II SGH-T989 OpenVPN Galaxy S II SGH-T989 OpenVPN
In this tutorial I will teach you how to setup openvpn for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989. The phone must be rooted for this process to work. Follow this tutorial to root your phone. Remember i am not responsible for any damage you may do to your phone.
Pixel Digest
Lava Man/Human Torch Lava Man/Human Torch
Today I going to introduce to with very important method for applying texture on any object using Gimp and using that method we will create our Lava Man/Human Torch.
Colour paint effect in AS3 Colour paint effect in AS3
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a colour paint effect in Actionscript 3.
Normal Face to Photogenic Face Normal Face to Photogenic Face
In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be learning a technique in which you will be able to convert a Normal face into Photogenic face. You must have found a lot of tutorials regarding this, but here we will discuss a different technique. We will also learn How to clean any picture by using a different and very simple technique. This would be really helpful for those who are in photography field.
Lets design Basic Alien Lets design Basic Alien
This looks to be a Basic Tutorial in Photoshop, in this tutorial we are going to make Alien. A lot of tools involved in making this tutorial, some Filters, Layer Styles, Blending Options to use in making this tutorial. Hopefully it will give you a lot of knowledge about Photoshop.
Tutorial Sites Tutorial Sites
10 Amazing sites to submit your tutorials to. The are in no particular order. From photoshop to CSS if you are a beginner or a professional you can learn a lot.
Trick Digest
Delete Record Delete Record
In this tutorial i will teach you how to delete information stored in your database. This tutorial is a continuation of the PHP Gallery tutorial.
Trick Digest
Root Galaxy Tab Root Galaxy Tab
In this tutorial you will teach you how to how to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab using z4root.1.3.0.apk a program created by RyanZA. It is very simple to do just couple click and you are finish. Remember you do this process at your own risk.
Trick Digest
Engine Exhaust Engine Exhaust
This tutorial is our take on engine exhaust effects in 3DS Max. There are various way to create similar effects but this technique is a bit more flexible, better looking and is easier to animate. During the course of this article you’re going to learn to manipulate the Super Spray particle system and create a suitable material for it. While the technique itself is for intermediate-level users, this tutorial can be completed by beginners as long as you pay attention.
Quickly create 3D objects Quickly create 3D objects
Lofting is an easy-to-use technique that will repeat a shape along a path, thus creating a 3D object. The Loft command can help you create really interesting 3D objects in very little time. In this tutorial we’ll create some cool 3D text using the line tool and some basic geometric shapes. The article is beginner friendly ofcourse. We’re using 3DS Max 2011 but the process is basically the same on most of the previous versions. That being said, the 2011 version has loads of improvements and you should really check it out.
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Random Tutorials
Ribbon Tutorial Ribbon Tutorial
Learn how to create a simple ribbon using adobe photoshop. Its a simple effect for beginners using rectangular shapes and different shades of one color.
Trick Digest
Folding Paper Folding Paper
In this tutorial I will explain how to recreate the Folding Effect above. It is a nice effect, i created this using gradients and shadows. Don't think its a hard effect to recreate. Just getting the shape and cutting it to look like its curving was hard.
Pixel Digest
Switch Conditional Switch Conditional
This tutorial will teach you how to use the Switch statement to be able to execute different codes depending on the value of a specified variable. This is useful for situations where a Flash application is required to take different actions in accordance with a specific circumstance.
Soft Text Effect Soft Text Effect
In this tutorial i will explain how to create a soft text effect using photoshop and its blending options. This is a Beginner level tutorial so anyone can try and replicate my results.
Trick Digest
Follow the Path Follow the Path
This is a amazing trick that you can learn with photoshop. If you are a designer having this trick in mind when creating your art work will come in handy. You can make the text follow any path you create. From a circle to a wavy line. Follow this tutorial and learn with us.
Trick Digest
Custom HD2 tones Custom HD2 tones
In this tutorial you will teach you how to set .wav files as your tones on the HTC HD2 phone. Tones could be new emails, sms, voice mail or missed calls. Its very simple to do, nothing complicated about any one new to this device will be able to follow and duplicate my results.
Trick Digest
Tricks News
Vibrant Tones
In this tutorial you will teach you how to how to create custom tones for the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. With this tutorial you will be able to change the Alarm, Notification, Ringtone, and ui sounds. Follow this simple tutorial and learn how.
Face Paint
In this tutorial learn how to blend your countries flag over your face usingAdobe Photoshop. This is a simple process that any beginner can follow. Follow that tutorial and learn how to recreate this effect. If you are having problems feel free to contact us.
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Abstract Tutorial
  Title Abstract Tutorial
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Pelt Mapping
  Title Pelt Mapping
  Author: Forcg
Horizontal 3D Carousel
  Title Horizontal 3D Carousel
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Twitter Widget
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